EPRO, European Association of Plastics Recycling and Recovery Organisations, plastics recycling, European plastics recycling organisation, plastic packaging recycling, EPRO is an association of the national organisations charged with organising and promoting recycling and recovery of plastics throughout Europe. Each EPRO member is working to meet and exceed requirements set by EU and national packaging directives. EPRO provides a unique forum for the leading specialists in plastics waste management from across Europe : - to exchange and publish information and experiences, - to develop improved strategies for prevention, recycling and recovery of plastics packaging waste with regard to the EU thematic strategy on waste and recycling, - to support technological projects designed to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of plastics recycling and recovery throughout Europe, - to evaluate new technologies and to stimulate improved quality and value of used plastics on a scientific basis.EPRO StartAbout EPROEPRO MembersEPRO - Facts and FiguresEPRO ProductsEPRO Meetings and FairsEPRO NewsEPRO Contact
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Welcome to EPRO

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Who cares about post-consumer plastics?

Used plastic packaging and other plastic items can be valuable resources in the manufacture of new products and in the generation of energy. It is important that as a society we aim to make the best affordable use of these valuable plastic resources.


This is good for the environment, for the economy and for the international community.


EPRO cares!


EPRO works with organisations across Europe, sharing best practice and working towards increasing the plastics recovered & recycled from households & industry:

EUROPEN - The European Organization for Packaging and the Environment   www.europen.be    

EuPF - European Plastic Films www.europeanplasticfilms.eu/

EuPC - European Plastic Converters www.plasticsconverters.eu/

ProEurope - Packaging Recovery Organisation Europe www.proeurope.be/

Plastics Europe www.plasticseurope.org

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