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Call for recycled goods: Best products containing recycled plastics

Do you sell goods made of recycled material? Would you like the whole of Europe to know about your products and their environmental advantages?  EPRO (European Association of Plastics Recycling and Recovery Organisations) wants your good examples in order to promote the cycle of plastics, as well as increase the request for recyclables.


In the following you will find all the necessary details on how you can easily tell us about your recycled product, and we will share good examples throughout Europe – and at no cost to you!


Will your product be the winner?


EPRO will collect examples of the best recycled products from across Europe from now until the 15th of September 2009. What we need in order to show the good examples are products which fulfill the criteria below:

·         Contains a substantial percentage of recycled post consumer/post industrial plastics (50% and over)

·         Is a marketable product

·         Can be a B2B product, or a product for the consumer market

·         Sustainability is a key and important factor

·         Produced in Europe

·         Made out of recycled used plastics packaging


How to enter:

·         Mail a brief description and a photo(s) of your product(s) to: 


·         with a subject title:  Best products containing recycled plastics entry    

·         The description should demonstrate each of the criteria mentioned above.  You may send other, complimentary information required to present the product


An EPRO panel consisting of 8 people (the panel will include representatives from, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Norway, UK, Spain and Sweden) will assess the entries and proclaim a winner.  Winners will be announced in December 2009 at the EPRO AGM and simultaneously published on the EPRO website

The winner will obtain publicity and a plaque as a visible token of the success. All entries which are according to the criteria above will be published on the EPRO website. Pictures and basic information about all entries may also be used in non-profitable communication in order to promote recycling and recyclables.


We hope that you will take this opportunity to work with EPRO in an effort to promote the cycle of used plastics packaging, the excellent recycled products that are already on the market across Europe, as well as increase the request for recyclables.


Thank you in advance for your time, co-operation and consideration.


Best Eirik Oland

Head of Working Group, Communication – EPRO

Email: eirik@grontpunkt.no