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Recoup is inviting key stakeholders from across the Recycle on the Go arena, in the UK and further afield, to become founding members of a new international Recycle on the Go platform.

This is intended to be a multi material partnership opportunity, initially focusing on key recyclables such as paper, cans, plastics and glass. It is also intended to capture a global audience so information and learning can be included and shared from across the world.

The launch follows a highly successful Recycle on the Go event in the UK, initiated by Recoup, from which it was clear that it would be beneficial to provide an international forum and resource base for Recycling on the Go.

The January event, organised by Recycling Waste World Conferences and sponsored by Egbert H Taylor and Co. Ltd, aimed to maximise efficient plastics recycling, increase recycling points in public space areas and volumes of material collected whilst driving towards a change in current recycling behaviour.

The day enabled those thinking about implementing a ‘Recycle on the Go’ scheme to get all the information they require to assess the ‘on the go’ opportunity and deliver a successful scheme

A number of schemes exist in the UK including Coca-Cola's Recycle Zone and Tesco onsite reverse vending. Recycle on the Go provides ‘out of home’ recycling opportunities, maximising materials collected and diverted from landfill.

The event provided in depth industry knowledge from Recoup and practical experience from a wide range of speakers already involved in Recycling on the Go projects including DEFRA, material organisations, site owners and Recoup members Tesco, CCE Ltd and GlaxoSmithKline.

Working in partnership with a number of organisations Recoup has been involved in various recycle on the go activities since 2002 through specific projects, conferences and general advice. Recoup now feels that there is a need for a focal point to share learning, provide access to various projects and bring together key stakeholders.

There needs to be a consistent recycling message to encourage people to recycle when they are out and about.

One way to do this is to have a recognisable and consistent approach, including branding, that will make it as easy as possible for consumers to recycle their waste. With increasing national recycling targets, and probable large increases in packaging recycling targets to 2020, more attention is now being paid to the recyclable waste thrown away while people are out and about.

On behalf of the Recycle on the Go Platform, Michele Matthews, corporate development manager at Recoup, commented:

“Valuable and exciting Recycle on the Go initiatives are taking place across the globe. By sharing information and experiences we can work together to move forward this key opportunity, to maximise the capture of materials in public space areas and increase the recovery and recycling of these valuable resources.”

Organisations already pledging their support to the international Recycle on the Go platform include:


§         AWS Eco Plastics Ltd

§         CCE Ltd

§         Egbert H. Taylor & Co. Ltd

§         GlaxoSmithKline

§         Nestle Waters

§         NEWS

§         Recoup (RECycling Of Used Plastics Ltd)

§         Tesco 


§         EPRO (European Association of Plastics Recycling and Recovery Organisations)

§         PETCO (PET Recycling Company (Pty) Ltd, South Africa

§         PRS PET-Recycling Schweiz

You can keep track of the platform’s progress and the latest members at: www.recycleonthego.info.

If you would like to find our more about being part of the Recycle on the Go platform please email us at: getinvolved@recycleonthego.info.