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FULL 2011 UK Household Plastics Packaging Collection Survey: Ten Years Of Progress

The latest report produced by Recoup and sponsored by Nampak Plastics and Wellman Recycling is now available in FULL. 

This reports a 48% plastic bottle recycling rate, and a 12% plastic pot tub and tray recycling rate.

This work was once again produced and delivered by the Recoup team with sponsorship this year from Nampak Plastics and Wellman Recycling. This document provides us with the next exciting chapter in the development of UK household plastics recycling. I am very grateful to the majority of UK local authority recycling and environment teams who took the time to respond to our requests and have made this research so worthwhile. The document is widely used by many across the plastic supply, collection and recycling chain.

The full report can be downloaded FREE from our homepage at www.recoup.