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EPROs Best Recycled Plastic Product 2012

EPRO are pleased to declare this years Best Recycled Plastic Product competition to find Europe’s best recycled plastic product open.  


Since its launch in 2009 the competition has witnessed a growing number of entries and an increased range of applications for recycled plastic.  


This years competition seeks to reach a wider audience and will recognise two new awards. Awards will be  

made for the first, second and third place with a new special award going to the best plastic recycled product  

from the IdentiPlast hosting country, which this year is Poland. 


Also new for 2012, EPRO will be seeking consumer nominations.  EPRO and the competitions supporting organisations, PlasticsEurope, EUPR, EUPC and ACR + will be asking people to nominate their favourite product made from recycled plastic packaging via their social networking media. It is hoped that this new dimension will bring the everyday consumer closer to the competition and highlight new products that may not already have entered.  


The key objective for the competition is to raise awareness of the value and versatility of used plastics packaging whether it be post consumer or post industrial, the opportunity to recycle this material and to recognise it as a valuable resource, not waste. 


Plastic packaging design, improved collection schemes, advances in sorting technology together with a greater range of reprocessing opportunities and applications means that the need to send many plastics to landfill is gradually decreasing.  

Therefore it’s key that we ensure that the consumers and industry recognise this progression and continue to sort and collect this material for recycling.  


Industry advancements have provided the capacity to sort, reprocess and recycle – we need the users to supply the material, so that we can strike the economical and environmental balance.  Fulfilling the demand of the facilities across Europe and reducing the plastics resources going to landfill.    


EPRO believe that one of the most important ways of doing this is to raise the awareness of the products made from recycled plastics packaging, in turn showcasing a wide range of recycled products, thus creating a demand and maybe an appetite for new companies to start to design and manufacture more products made from recycled plastic - promoting the cycle of plastics.  


This competition also enables the industry to further demonstrate their commitment and work in the area of

Corporate Social Responsibility and for the consumer to more fully understand the scope of their environmentally

friendly actions. 


2011 Winners were:


1.      Cavalluccio, Childrens play equipment , EUROCOMITALIA S.R L – Italy

2.      Zebra, Cycle lane indicator, ZICLA - Spain

3.      Senseo Viva Café Eco, Coffee Machine, Philips NV - Belgium


Will you be one of our 2012 winners? 


Product Manufacturer Entry - EPRO (European Association of Plastics Recycling and Recovery Organisations) invites producers of products made from recycled plastics packaging to enter. EPRO will collect examples of the best recycled  products from across Europe from now until the 20th September 2012.


Below are all the details that you need to enter and let us know all about your recycled product.  EPRO will share good examples throughout Europe – and at no cost to you!  


Your product entry will need to:


·         contain a substantial percentage of post consumer/post industrial plastics (50% and over)  

 ·       be a marketable product or a product that entered the market in 2010 or later

·         be on the market and to have sold at least one unit

·         either a B2B product, or a product for the consumer market

·         sustainable with supporting information given on the entry form 

·         have been produced in Europe

·         be made out of recycled used plastics packaging  


Enter online NOW at:  http://www.epro-bestproduct.eu/  


Complete the online entry form, enter a brief description and attach photo(s) of your product(s).  The description should demonstrate each of the criteria mentioned above. You may send other, complimentary information required to present the product.

A panel consisting of representatives of EPRO, PlasticsEurope, EUPR, EUPC and ACR+ from across Europe will assess the entries and proclaim a winner.   

Consumer Nominated Product Entry – simply go to http://www.epro-bestproduct.eu/ and enter online.   The winning product will be the one with the most nominations from the public.

2012 Winners to be announced at Identiplast 2012 


Winners will be announced at the IdentiPlast 2012 congress in Warsaw, November 6-7. Winners will also benefit from publicity via the EPRO website and in the PlasticsEurope publication “Plastics Facts and Figures 2012, which is distributed throughout Europe. 


We hope that you will take this opportunity to work with EPRO in an effort to promote the cycle of used plastics packaging, the range of excellent recycled products that are already on the market across Europe, as well as drive the demand for recyclables. 


Eirik Oland

Head of Working Group, Communication – EPRO


CONTACT: Eirik Oland - Head of Working Group, Communication – EPRO

Email: eirik@grontpunkt.no  

Cell Phone: +47 93 05 24 92