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National Recycling Organisation


COREPLA is the national consortium founded in accordance with legislative decree 22/97 to organize the collection of plastic packaging waste guaranteeing recovery and recycling, according to the European directive 94/62.

COREPLA is responsible to rationalise and organise:

collection and sorting of plastic packaging waste handed over by municipal public services

collection of trade and industry packaging waste

recycling and recovery of packaging waste coming from separate collection.

The financial resources required for collection, recovery and recycling of plastics packaging are provided by the Environmental contribution through the National CONAI (Consorzio Nazionale Imballaggi) scheme..

Corepla manages the separate collection downstream activities, sorting of plastic packaging waste, recycling of mixed plastic fractions, sales of sorted materials and Energy recovery of residual waste from sorting plants, thorough direct combustion or alternative fuel production.

In 2007 the separate collection has reached the 94% of Italian population, about 55 million people and it is in place in more than 6.000 municipalities.

COREPLA shareholders are currently more than 2000 representing about the 90% of the total business actors.

At the end of 2007 COREPLA recycled 645 k ton and recovered a around 1.340 k ton of plastic packaging waste with a 59% rate of recovery in relation of  consumptions of the year.     

COREPLA strives to ensure that the aims established by directive 94/62, can be achieved efficiently and economically, and supports the "PLASTIC SYSTEM" in order to:

coordinate the industrial system in collecting, recovering and recycling plastic packaging waste and to ensure that polymers which have reached the end of their cycle of life can be re-used in new products;

promote research and innovation for the recovery of materials and energy and the use of recycled products;

support local councils in setting up and rationalise separate collection, by means of information and awareness-building campaigns aimed at citizens/users;

involve citizens and companies in achieving the objectives of reducing the amount of waste produced (prevention), re-using used packaging, recycling and recovering plastic packaging waste.


Via del Vecchio Politecnico 3
I-20121 Milano

Tel.: +39 02 760 54 1
Fax: +39 02 760 54 320


Email: direzione@corepla.it

Current recovery and recycling figures

Cesare Spreafico

Cesare Spreafico
Managing Director
Vice-Chairman - EPRO

Email: direzione@corepla.it