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VALORPLAST takes back the household plastic bottles (mostly HDPE, PET, PVC) collected and sorted by French municipalities, involved in the Green Dot program monitored by ECO-EMBALLAGES and ADELPHE. VALORPLAST makes sure the plastic bales go through material recycling processes. VALORPLAST is a non-profit private company, founded in 1993, whose shareholders are the representatives of plastic producers and converters. VALORPLAST is in charge of:

  • Training the operators in the municipal multimaterial sorting centers, in order to make sure that the plastic bales fulfil mutually agreed specifications,
  • Monitoring the plastic bales quality,
  • Transporting the plastic bales to reclaiming/recycling plants, 
  • Marketing the plastic bales, mainly in Europe, with long term strategy to help the development of European recycling capacities,
  • Finding new outlets in order to cope with increasing volumes, 
  • Communication with municipalities, schools and associations.

VALORPLAST also takes part in studies to optimise the collection/sorting/recycling process of plastic packaging.


ADIVALOR (Agriculteurs Distributeurs Industriels pour la Valorisation des déchets agricoles) was created in 2001 under the initiative of the crop protection industry, and the active participation of distributors, cooperatives, agricultural wholesalers, farmers via trade unions and the French Chambers of Agriculture.

Its aim was to implement a voluntary collection and recovery scheme for agriculural waste : used packaging (phytopharmaceutical products, fertilizers and soil enhancers, seeds and plants, dairy farm hygiene products), used plastic films and unusable phytopharmaceutical products.

DIVALOR outlines the technical practicalities of the collections, organizes and finances all or part of the recovery of agricultural waste. It also operates in the initial stages of the process, during the preparatory and organizational phases. It offers communication tools and teaching aids to operators and deploys R&D programmes with an aim to improve the recovery and recyling of waste collected.

Key figures (2010):

- 30,000 tonnes of plastic recycled

- 66% of empty phytopharmaceutical packaging recovered

- 4,300 collection points

- 80% of old/obsolete stocks of pesticides recovered


14 rue de la République

Tel. :+33 1 46 53 10 95
Fax : + 33 1 46 53 10 37


Current recovery and recycling figures


Managing Director

e: g.delorme@valorplast.com

Catherine KLEIN                            Chargée de mission



Le CAT SUD - 68, cours Albert Thomas.

69371 LYON CEDEX 08

Tel: +33 (0) 472 68 93 80  

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CONTACTS: Pierre de Lépinau - Managing Director


Bernard LeMoine - Charge de Mission