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DKR has been actively involved in the raw materials market for 18 years now. After the company was founded in 1992, its mission was first to develop recycling methods for used plastic packaging from the dual take-back systems and to ensure sufficient plant capacities. Within a few years, the recycling dependability stipulated in the German Packaging Ordinance (VerpackV) was achieved.


Today, improving ecological efficiency has top priority. Ecological efficiency means recycling used plastic packaging economically while maximizing the ecological benefits.


Since 1993, the amount of used plastic packaging which DKR collects and recovers has steadily increased. In 1993, DKR had already recovered 280,000 tons of plastic material. By 2002, the annual amount had risen to 688,000 tons. This is a level which has been maintained until today.


A decrease in the amount of plastics resulting from the introduction of the deposit requirement has been successfully offset by expanding the company’s lines of business and its customer base. DKR’s customers are dual systems, municipalities, industry, and businesses. DKR now buys and sells plastics, paper, beverage cartons, tinplate, glass, and sorting residues from take-back systems for lightweight packaging. In addition, DKR offers know-how and logistical networks for other locations where waste is generated.


In 1991, in order to reduce the volume of waste and to save resources, the German Packaging Ordinance came into effect. It obliges producers and distributors of packaging to take back used empty packaging from January 1, 1993. In 1998, the Ordinance was amended.

According to section 11 of the Packaging Directive, producers and distributors are permitted to commission a so-called "third party" to fulfil their obligations regarding the recovery of empty used plastic packaging.

RIGK offers following return systems to take back plastic packaging from industrial waste producers:

  • the RIGK-SYSTEM for returning industrial and commercial packaging containing non-hazardous substances
  • the RIGK-G-SYSTEM for returning industrial and commercial packaging containing hazardous substances. 
  • the RIGK-PICKUP-SYSTEM for the pick up of plastic packaging containing non-hazardous and hazardous products.
  • the PAMIRA-SYSTEM for returning packaging from agricultural pesticide.
  • the SEED AGENT DRESSING SYSTEM for seed dressing agent packaging of the agricultural sector.

Next to the recovery systems for empty packaging, RIGK runs two services to take back agricultural film as well as round bale nets and yarns from German farmers:

PELLE for films of the agricultural sector. PELLE is an "all-in-one" recovery service for the proper and environmentally-friendly disposal of used films.

NETTI for round bale nets and yarns of the agricultural sector. NETTI is an "all-in-one" recovery service for the proper and environmentally-friendly disposal of used bale nets and yarns.

RIGK Shareholders:

Key companies producing plastic and plastic packaging as well as BKV are the shareholders of the RIGK company.


Lyondellbasell industries



DOW Deutschland Inc.

INEOS Manufacturing Deutschland GmbH

Mauser-Werke GmbH & Co. KG




SULO Emballagen GmbH & Co. KG

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kunststoff-Recycling mbH

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