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National Recycling Organisation


RECOUP is the national body for development of sustainable plastics packaging recycling in the UK. It works with waste management professionals and government to develop and implement best-practices in plastics collection, sorting and marketing. RECOUP is backed by organisations across the packaging supply and recycling chain.

RECOUP provides: free and low-cost technical consultancy to organisations wishing to establish new collection and sorting schemes; promotion and education tools to improve awareness of plastics recycling opportunities; assistance in raising finance for plastics recycling projects; training for local authority officers responsible for recycling; advice to Government and the packaging supply chain on plastics recycling issue; research of post-consumer plastics recycling performance in the UK.

Examples of information available, including technical reports and downloadable artwork, can be found on Recoup's website www.recoup.org

Recoup Services Limited operates a materials procurement and marketing business, and is responsible for selling a significant proportion of post-consumer plastics collected in the UK. The organisation is a registered environmental body and accredited to issue export packaging recovery notes, which can be used to satisfy regulatory requirements to comply with the UK Packaging Waste Regulations.


1, Metro Centre
Welbeck Way, Woodston
Peterborough, PE2 7UH
Great Britain

Tel.: +44 1733 39 00 21
Fax: +44 1733 39 00 31


Stuart Foster -Director                          

Email: stuart.foster@recoup.org

Michele Matthews - Corporate Development Manager