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Grønt Punkt Norge AS

Grønt Punkt Norge (Green Dot Norway) is developing, organizing and executing recovery schemes for plastic packaging, beverage cartons and carton packaging, both from private households, fish farming and trade and industries. I addition Green Dot Norway is responsible for financing the Norwegian recycling schemes for packaging, except the deposit systems.

Green Dot Norway is a private non-profit company, founded in 1997, whose shareholders are the six Norwegian material companies for packaging, among them Plastretur, which is responsible for plastic packaging.  Plastretur AS is owned by representatives of plastic producers, the retail trade and users of plastic packaging with one third each.

Green Dot Norway functions as a catalyst towards all parties in the recovery chain, but does not physically handle the packaging in any way. Green Dot Norway ensures that plastic packaging being sent to recycling has the quality necessary for recycling.

Green Dot Norway promotes recycling of plastic packaging, beverage cartons and carton packaging through information and communication tools for trade and industries and. The company also works closely with the packaging industry towards solutions likely to facilitate recycling.

Green Dot Norway is a non-profit company, but guarantees that all packaging collected through the company’s collection system is either recycled or energy recovered.


Grønt Punkt Norge AS

Grønt Punkt AS
Karenslyst Allé 9A
P.O. Box 91 Skøyen
N-0213 Oslo

Tel: +47 22 12 15 00
Fax: +47 22 12 17 21


Jaana Røine - Managing Director

Email: jaana@grontpunkt.no 

Contact for press and media:

Eirik Oland - Head of Communications

Email: eirik@grontpunkt.no