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L&T opens Latvia's biggest recycled materials production plant in Riga.

L&T, specialising in environmental management, has officially opened their new recycled materials production plant in Riga today. The plant will significantly increase waste material utilisation levels in the Riga region. Plant investments amount to EUR 2 million.

The aim of L&T's new recycled materials production plant is to significantly reduce the amount of waste transported to landfill sites and to raise the level of waste recovery. The production plant will support the EU waste directive in enhancing the levels of waste material utilisation.

- The production plant in Riga represents today's most advanced technology. Quality, cost-effectiveness, environmental aspects and occupational safety have been combined efficiently. The plant will transform waste material processing from manual work into an industrial process which enables multiplying the present waste material processing capacity. It will significantly enhance levels of waste material utilisation and helps Latvia to gain on EU directives claims, says Jari Sarjo, L&T President and CEO.

For example in order to reach environmental management targets set in the EU directive on packaging and packaging waste, Latvia has to ensure processing 50-65 % of the total weight of packaging waste.

- Latvia is far from this goal. In recent two years the volume of processed materials has not essentially increased and landfill sites are increasingly loaded. The new production plant will ease on its part the situation. It has the capacity for processing 40 000 tons more waste materials per year, tells Reinis Ceplis, L&T Area Director in Latvia.

The recycled materials production plant receives waste materials from trade, industry and households. From this waste material soil, metals, paper, cardboard, PET bottles and different kind of plastics are sorted out.

- L&T's business idea is to consider waste as a raw material which is refined in our recycled materials production plant into secondary raw material. The processed materials are transported to industries utilizing secondary raw materials. In longer term our business focuses on promoting material circulation, not merely on solving waste management problems, Jari Sarjo adds.

L&T's target is to provide a comprehensive and customized way to support both local and international companies operating in Latvia in achieving their goals also in terms of environmental management. Functioning recycling is based on right kind of point of origin sorting. Impressing sorting know-how on the local culture requires competent information as well as efficient waste collection and transport solutions.

- The support from L&T's international network and L&T's know-how give us great benefits, Reinis Ceplis states.

L&T has been operating on Latvia since the year 2003 specializing in environmental management, hazardous waste services and property and plant maintenance. L&T employs nearly 1 000 persons in Latvia. According to its strategy, L&T aims at strong growth in the Baltic region both through organic growth and acquisitions. L&T will also continue investments in recycling technology.

- Latvia will need a number of similar extensive investments in the years to come. L&T will continue to invest in Latvia as well as in other countries in the Baltic Sea region, Jari Sarjo says.

Additional information: Reinis Ceplis, Area Director Latvia, L&T, tel. + 371 29 224 643, reinis.ceplis@l-t.lv Jari Sarjo, President and CEO, Lassila & Tikanoja plc, tel. +358 10 636 111, jari.sarjo@lassila-tikanoja.fi