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UK - Recycle on the Go
Recoup is pleased to be associated with the launch of the UK’s first “on-the-go” recycling zone scheme by Coca Cola Enterprises and WRAP.

Recycling Zone was launched at Thorpe Park in Surrey in May, and is the first step in a programme to create 80 Recycling Zones by 2011. Going forward, the zones will be rolled out into a wide range of locations which are exposed to high footfall such as major travel hubs, shopping centres and other theme parks.

The new scheme builds on increasing consumer interest in recycling, particularly being able to do so when out and about. It has been praised by Joan Ruddock MP, Minister for Waste, who said: “With a target of increasing the national recycling rate to 40% by 2010, programmes such as the Recycling Zone are vital to the UK hitting its targets. I very much welcome this initiative and hope the Recycling Zone programme, which I am delighted to launch, ensures people recycle more, at home and on-the-go.”

The Recycling Zone at Thorpe Park will comprise six recycle points, which will be clearly highlighted through signage. As well as encouraging people to recycle their cans and bottles there and then, the scheme is also intended to remind people to think about recycling as part of their everyday life.

Recoup have played a prominent role in helping to achieve the launch at Thorpe Park. This role includes assisting in the selection and placement of the recycling units as well as ensuring that all the necessary waste management contractual agreements were in place to accommodate the collection and segregation of recyclate materials.

Whilst the “front end” part of the project is up and running, it’s the mechanics behind it which will ensure as to whether or not the scheme is successful. Recoup have developed an online data capture tool which will be used by each of the participating zones to record their monthly collection values. This information will be used to assess the performances of each zone and provide feedback.

Leading on the programme for Recoup is Andy Newton. Andy says: “The Recycling Zone initiative is a fantastic opportunity to not only promote the awareness and importance of recycling on-the-go, but to also engage with the public to increase the growth in collected materials from such venues as Thorpe Park.

“Recycling Zone is not solely about increasing recycling rates. It also provides a platform with which to drive behavioural change within consumers.”

The second Recycling Zone will be launched in early July.-